About us


Founded in early 2014, we embraced the German culture by creating our products with passion, ingenuity, and creativity.

Our mission

We believe in simplicity. Nothing needs to be complex, especially when it concerns products that are used on a daily basis. But simplicity does not equal stupidity! Like nature, our aim is to create products that are intuitive and just work.

Our talents

Aside from Android programming, we are also passionate about web services and new technologies that help humanity by making life easier. We have created web sites, mobile apps, desktop applications, and BLE beacon services.

Why we do ads

Unfortunately, in order to provide free services without getting anything back, is not a sustainable business model. We opt to include ads in our apps and services, so we can continue to produce free products. However, the ads that we implement are kept subtle and to a minimum.

How can you get involved?

If you have interesting ideas but have no idea how to implement them, we are here to help! A quick email or filling out the form below is a good first step.

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